Amanda Laven - Adventure is Calling

from BUDDIES: A Tribute to Banjo​-​Kazooie (BIRD SIDE) by Materia Community

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Intro (instrumental)

Verse 1

Watching shadows stretch across the floor
And I wonder what we’re living for
Nothing to do, nowhere to go
What’s the point of taking life this slow?

Just beyond the window
I can hear the thunder cracking
The innocent are calling out
While an evil witch is cackling


Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! (Whoa)
Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! (Whoa)

Chorus 1

Adventure is calling
Now is the time to rise
It’s time for some brawling
To cut Grunty down to size

Verse 2
Grunty taunts us all along our way
From Click Clock Wood to Rusty Bucket Bay
Rhyming couplets, you just gotta love ‘em
Banjo, let’s go tell her where to shove ‘em!

Notes and Jiggies, shining gold
Unlocking each new door
Eggs to shoot down minions
Feathers to charge and soar

Chorus 1

Chorus 2
Come on, let’s go Banjo
Tootie, we’re on the way
Higher and higher we go
Rushing to save the day!

Spoken (Lil’ Hotlegs)
Hey Banjo, you know how you’re always saying you want to go on an adventure?

Spoken (Xander)
I have literally never said that.

Bridge (Rap)
Lil' Hotlegs:
I think it might be nice to get up out of the Jansport
Hop on out of bed and go and toss on your tan shorts (Xander: They’re...yellow…)
We planned for it, promised little Tooty a grand tour

Yeah I’m not really feelin’ it

Lil' Hotlegs:
Expound and expand more?

You know that wearin’ clothes puts me ill at ease, yeah
It’s called being bare for a gyuh-hucking reason (Lil' Hotlegs: Oh, please…)
Don’t wanna go outside where the peaks are freez-eezin’

Lil' Hotlegs:
Man, quit your bellyachin’ and complainin’ and wheezin’


Lil' Hotlegs:
What’s out the window, Lot of moanin’ and screamin’?
Someone got your sister

We should check out the scene, then

Lil' Hotlegs:
I think it was the witch, I can see her broom fleein’

Xander: Let’s go carpe some diem

Lil' Hotlegs: We’re a heck of a team

Xander: I think I’m ready to snap, Let’s go on the attack

Lil' Hotlegs: We’re outchea gettin’ jiggies with a rat-a-tat-rap

Xander: And a feathery flap

Lil' Hotlegs: It’s time to clap back

Xander: Get in my backpack

Lil' Hotlegs & Xander: We’ll get the brat back

Guitar Solo

Chorus 1
Chorus 2

Outro (Instrumental, with “whoas”)


from BUDDIES: A Tribute to Banjo​-​Kazooie (BIRD SIDE), released April 24, 2020
UPC 00811576033329
Ⓟ 2020 Materia Collective LLC

Amanda Laven: Track Arranger, Track Producer, Mixing Engineer, Lyrics, Vocals (Lead), Vocals (Woahs)
Roudan: Bass Guitar, Vocals (Woahs)
Andrew Filipski: Guitar (Lead)
DJ MEATSWEATZ: Track Arranger (Rap Beat), Track Producer (Rap Beat)
Gregory Orosz: Vocals (Woahs)
Ian Martyn: Vocals (Backing), Vocals (Woahs)
James C. Hoffman: Drum Set, Mixing Advisor, Vocal Editor
Lil' Hotlegs: Vocals (Rap), Lyrics (Rap)
Mason Lieberman: Vocals (Guh-huh!)
Ravi Krishnaswami: Guitar (Rhythm)
Xander Cruise: Lyrics (Rap), Vocals (Rap)

• "Banjo-Kazooie Main Title"

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