SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X - Zanarkand Mix

by Materia Community

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Prelude 04:00
Phantoms 04:06
Besaid 04:43
When I wake up all I see is you From a time and place I never knew I will wait until it's time to close my eyes To say everything I have to say to you (Da da da... Keep on Dreaming) Take my hand and I will lead you there Through the darkness with another prayer Just believe until we see the light of day And keep looking for our dream come true (Da da da... Keep on Dreaming)
Luca 02:54
Al Bhed: Famlusa du Rin's! English Translation: Welcome to Rin's! Al Bhed: Fuimt oui mega du noch un kusyadreayk? English: Would you like to rest or something? Al Bhed: Fa ryja faybuhc yht edasc! English: We have weapons and items! Al Bhed: Lusa ykyeh vneaht! English: Come again, friend!
Yuna's Theme 01:46
Persistence 03:39
Fayth 02:32
LYRICS (AL BHED) Fyhtanan fedr kumtah ryen Pnehkehk zuo yht tacbyen Oui'ja dygah sa lybdeja Ouin cbened ec ihdysat Payido, amiceja mega y knayd senyka Rihdnacc uv dra ihteclujanat Sujehk fedr cilr knyla Yh adanhym juoykan Puraseyh, aqbmunan So cuim dudymmo pafedlrat po ouin nyteyhla Cu drah fryd ec du pa so numa? Eh dra mekrd uv ouin csema E ys sanamo y crytuf Druca asanymt aoac Lumun so meva, pid beanla so raynd mega tykkanc Tywwmehk kobco uv dra cay Du sa, oui yna yh aheksy Pid E fyhd du ihtancdyht Fryd yna oui nihhehk vnus? Yht femm oui ajan naymewa dryd E nih paceta oui? Ev mekrdhehk cdnegac padfaah ic E bnuseca fa tuh'd haat du vayn Frah mekrdhehk cdnegac padfaah ic Ed femm pa dra pakehhehk, hud dra ahtehk Dra mekrdhehk cdnegac padfaah ic Yht drec luimt uhmo sayh uha drehk Dryd oui ymcu cryna draca vaamehkc Yht E fuimt kmytmo pinh Du ekheda dryd cbyng LYRICS (ENGLISH TRANSLATION) Wanderer with golden hair Bringing joy and despair You've taken me captive Your spirit is untamed Beauty, elusive like a great mirage Huntress of the undiscovered Moving with such grace An eternal voyager Bohemian, explorer My soul totally bewitched by your radiance So then what is to be my role? In the light of your smile I am merely a shadow Those emerald eyes Color my life, but pierce my heart like daggers Dazzling gypsy of the sea To me, you are an enigma But I want to understand What are you running from? And will you ever realize that I run beside you? If lightning strikes between us I promise we don't need to fear When lightning strikes between us It will be the beginning, not the ending The lightning strikes between us And this could only mean one thing That you also share these feelings And I would gladly burn To ignite that spark
VP 04:38
Laid to Rest 03:43
TIDUS Rikku, come on! We gotta cross the Thunder Plains. RIKKU But I’m scared of lightning! TIDUS But Rikku, lightning is fun! I’m gonna try to dodge as many lightning bolts as I can. RIKKU Isn’t that physically impossible? TIDUS Nah, everyone in Zanarkand does it. RIKKU Nuh-uh! TIDUS Okay, not everyone, but it’s like we say back home: either you Zanar-can or you Zanar-can’t. RIKKU Uh… what? TIDUS WHAT A LOVELY DAY, THE WEATHER’S PERFECT JUST LOOK AT THOSE STORMY SKIES LET’S GO OUTSIDE AND DODGE SOME LIGHTNING BOLTS IT’S SUPER FUN AND NO ONE EVER DIES! OH SURE YOU KINDA-SORTA RISK ELECTROCUTION OR SOME SHORT-TERM MEM’RY LOSS BUT WHAT’S THE HARM IN SUFF’RING MULTIPLE CONCUSSIONS OR SOME SHORT-TERM MEM’RY LOSS? Come on, Rikku! RIKKU No! I’m too young to die! TIDUS It’ll be okay. Wakka told me that only, like, 30 percent of lightning strikes are fatal. RIKKU Oh, great. TIDUS Yeah! He’s read all about lightning. RIKKU Where? TIDUS Wakka-pedia. RIKKU Ugh! TIDUS COME ON RIKKU, STEP OUTSIDE WE’LL CROSS THESE PLAINS, I’LL BE YOUR GUIDE YOU’LL SEE THAT THERE’S NO NEED TO HIDE ALTHOUGH YOU MIGHT GET SLIGHTLY FRIED. RIKKU Fried? TIDUS LET’S BE BRAVE FOR YUNA, SHE’S DEPENDING ON US AS HER GUARDIANS. OH! AND I KNOW JUST THE THING TO LIGHTEN UP THE MOOD: HOW ABOUT SOME LIGHTNING PUNS? RIKKU No. TIDUS YOU MIGHT BE SHOCKED TO LEARN THAT LIGHTNING STORMS ARE GOOD AT BOWLING; THEY GET LOTS OF STRIKES! RIKKU Stop. TIDUS HEY DON’T PRETEND TO BE RE-VOLT-ED BY THESE PUNS-- RIKKU Enough of the puns, I’d rather get struck by lightning! TIDUS --yikes. AURON enters. AURON You two. It’s time to go. RIKKU But I’m scared! AURON I’ll buy you a snow cone at the next temple. RIKKU Snow cone? AURON Yes. Each temple has a Yevon-Eleven. RIKKU Ugh! I can’t take this anymore, I’m leaving! RIKKU runs out the door. TIDUS Huh, well that worked.
Run!! 03:11
AL BHED: Mecdah du so cduno Drec syo pa uin mycd lryhla Druikr E's hud vnus drec funmt E vuikrd du tavaht ed Ehcbenat po ran luinyka Du cdyht ib ykyehcd ceh Bemknesyka Cu fa cad vundr uh uin zuinhao Yht E canjat yc kiynteyh Dra dneymc duug yauhc Du bnuja fa fana fundro Bemknesyka Mat po ran vyedr, cra vummufat drec bydr Du pnehk pylg dra lyms Dra baubma cyf ran yc y payluh Du mekrd dra vidina E fyc hud yfyna uv dra bnela Cra't cuuh ryja du byo Dra nediym tasyhtat cylnevela Pid E luimt hud caa fro Cusauha ryt du pnayg Drec cbenym uv taydr E fyc punh uid uv y tnays Mega so vydran pavuna sa Du yjuet y meva uv ceh Dra funmt sicd huf yfygah Bemknesyka Dra tnays ahtc Vun dra adanhym lyms Yht cu E, duu, vyta yfyo ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Listen to my story This may be our last chance Though I'm not from this world I fought to defend it Inspired by her courage To stand up against sin Pilgrimage So we set forth on our journey And I served as guardian The trials took aeons To prove we were worthy Pilgrimage Led by her faith, she followed this path To bring back the calm The people saw her as a beacon To light the future I was not aware of the price She'd soon have to pay The ritual demanded sacrifice But I could not see why Someone had to break This spiral of death I was born out of a dream Like my father before me To avoid a life of sin The world must now awaken Pilgrimage The dream ends For the eternal calm And so I, too, fade away


SPIRA is a large-scale collaborative remix project honoring the music from Final Fantasy X. Created by the Materia Collective, SPIRA is divided into two 50-track albums with almost 3 hours worth of music on each album. Zanarkand Mix features a more contemporary mix of covers, including a wide range of rock and electronic music in addition to some acoustic interpretations, representing Tidus's journey from Zanarkand through the foreign world of Spira.

Also available on: materia.to/spirazBC
UPC 00856146007270


released August 18, 2017

"SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X - Zanarkand Mix" was made possible by the following individuals:

Materia Community: Album Artist
Emily McMillan: Album Producer, Video Ads (Filming)
Joe Chen: Album Producer, Video Ads (Director, editing)
Ann Zeng: Video Ads (Acting)
Ben Cohn: Mentoring
Bonnie Bogovich: Mentoring
Nautilus T Party: Mentoring, Video Ads (Voice acting)
Catie Vercammen-Grandjean: Video Ads (Editing)
Emmanuel Lagumbay: Mentoring, Video Ads (Acting)
FirahFabe: Video Ads (Director)
Thennecan: Mentoring
Ian Luckey: Mentoring
Ian Martyn: Mentoring
James C. Hoffman: Mentoring
Jayson Napolitano: Marketing
Jeff Brenneman: Video Ads (Director, filming, editing)
Julia Seeholzer: Mentoring
Kate McMillan: Album Art
Lauren the Flute: Marketing (Zanarkand Mix Listening Party Host)
Reven: Mentoring
Matheus Manente: Video Ads (Editing)
Michaela Nachtigall: Video Ads (Filming, editing)
Sean Schafianski: Mentoring
Sebastian Wolff: Executive Producer
Stephen Froeber: Mastering Engineer, Mentoring
Thomas Kresge: Mentoring
Tim Rosko: Video Ads (Acting)

©Ⓟ 2017 Materia Community / Materia Music Inc.

Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy X are © 2001 Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.. Materia Collective LLC and its members are in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to Square Enix with respect to this album. Musical compositions are © 2001 Square Enix and are used with permission. Mechanical licensing facilitated by re:discover, Inc. d/b/a Loudr.

For complete credits and information about this release, please visit Materia Collective: www.materiacollective.com/music/spira-music-from-final-fantasy-x-zanarkand-mix


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