SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X - Besaid Mix

by Materia Community

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Verse 1 (Japanese): Suiheisen to nami no aida ni Suna no kyokusen ni sotte Machi no jōkū ni tondeiru Kibō ni michiru kaze ga aru Chorus (Indonesian): Dari seluruh dunia orang berdatangan Ke kota kami yang penuh cahaya dan warna Merayakan sukacita kehidupan Dalam alam dan kemanusiaan Backing Chorus (various languages): Welcome to Luca (English) Selamat datang (Indonesian) Bienvenidos (Spanish) Yōkoso (Japanese) Bem vindo a Luca (Portuguese) Wamkelekile (Xhosa) Céad míle fáilte (Irish Gaelic) Dobre doshli (Bulgarian) Verse 2 (Portuguese): Aves em belo mergulho Mar azul de pleno orgulho Vidas que vibram ferventes Povos aqui convergentes (Chorus repeats) Translation: Verse 1: Between the skyline and the waves Along the curve of sand There is a hopeful wind Which flies over the city Verse 2: Birds in beautiful swoop Boiling vibrating lives Blue sea full of pride People converging here Chorus: From all over the world people are coming To our city full of light and color Celebrate the joy of life In nature and humanity Backing Chorus: Various translations of "Welcome" or "Welcome to Luca"
Trials 02:39
Yuna's Theme 02:49
Good Night 02:03
Prelude 04:02
Tidus' Theme 03:16
Via Purifico 03:53
ReJechted 03:22
*Sigh*... Well... How the hell’d I end up here? Last I remember, I took the boat out the catch some sun. Now I’m tailin’ these two stiffs across the globe! Something about takin’ down this big monster. Sin or somethin’! I dunno... I just want to get back to my wife and kid... and they say I might have a shot at getting back if I come along. But who’s to say these guys even know what they’re doin’ in the first place!? Welp! Might as well enjoy the ride! *Sigh* Can’t say it’s all been great though... I’ve been locked up, tossed, and lost in the booze. Man, I got them low down, rejected Spira blues... Heh... Guess it ain’t all bad. I’m seeing the world aren’t I? Man... Can’t wait to tell my son about this... Hey! A drunk, a monk, and a summoner walk into a bar. Heh! Sounds like my kinda evening! Eh... tough crowd. *Sigh* Man, on man. What’ve I gotten myself into? Well, it’ll be one hell of a story! *Humming and whistling* Hey Braska! How much further until the next town? I’m not wearin’ any shoes you know... And Blitzball champion or not, my feet are killing me! Ah well. At least the company’s entertaining! *Humming*
Twilight 02:17
Guadosalam 02:38
Believe 03:21
Niño prohibido Ven conmigo al destino Mi querido soñador Mis pecados pasados Están perdonados Despierta, mi amor El camino oscuro es la entrada al cielo Mira la luz que tenemos y nunca sabes la verdad Niño perdido ven conmigo a la salida Mi querido sanador Encuentro tu camino Cuando todo está perdido Ven conmigo, por favor El camino oscuro es la entrada al cielo Mira la luz que tenemos y nunca sabes la verdad English Translation: Forbidden child, Come with me towards destiny, dearest dreamer My past sins have been forgiven. Awaken, my love The darkened path is the door to heaven Look at the light that we hold and never know the truth Lost child, come with me to the exit My dearest healer Find your way when everything is lost Please, come with me The darkened path is the door to heaven Look at the light that we hold and never know the truth
Blitzissimo 02:07
Sakura Hymn 02:53
Game Over 01:04
Assault 03:53
YUNA: Seymour, Maester, Guado, my husband? No! You told me Spira would love if we got married. Well, I don't know 'bout Spira, but I know about you. You killed your father and held my friends at gunpoint. I will never love you; get away from me! You said that your love would help me to defeat Sin. Well, I don't know if true love is what I'll get from you. Did you already have ill intent when you said, "I await your favorable reply?" Why? Why would you lie to all your own people? Do you regret what you did to Jyscal? How can it be your crimes are not illegal? Hurt my friends then you threaten me; now let's drop all pretense. Time to boogie! Dear Seymour Guado, This will not be your story! Here's what you don't know: I can fly; I'll fly far away. Seymour, do you not see Death is not peace but misery? Ieyui nobomeno Renmiri yojuyogo Hasatekanae kutamae Seymour, I'll defeat you come what may Even if you'll be the next Sin!
Zanarkand 04:01


SPIRA is a large-scale collaborative remix project honoring the music from Final Fantasy X. Created by the Materia Collective, SPIRA is divided into two 50-track albums with almost 3 hours worth of music on each album. The Besaid Mix album features a more natural and acoustic listening experience, with styles ranging from classical to jazz to Bollywood.

Also available on: materia.to/spirabBC
UPC 00856146007287


released August 18, 2017

"SPIRA: Music from Final Fantasy X - Besaid Mix" was made possible by the following individuals:

Materia Community: Album Artist
Emily McMillan: Album Producer, Video Ads (Filming)
Joe Chen: Album Producer, Video Ads (Director, editing)
Ann Zeng: Video Ads (Acting)
Ben Cohn: Mentor
Bonnie Bogovich: Mentor
Nautilus T Party: Mentor, Video Ads (Voice acting)
Catie Vercammen-Grandjean: Video Ads (Editing)
Emmanuel Lagumbay: Mentor, Video Ads (Acting)
FirahFabe: Video Ads (Director)
Thennecan: Mentor
Ian Luckey: Mentor
Ian Martyn: Mentor
James C. Hoffman: Mastering Engineer, Mentor
Jayson Napolitano: Marketing
Jeff Brenneman: Video Ads (Director, filming, editing)
Julia Seeholzer: Mentor
Kate McMillan: Album Art
Lauren the Flute: Marketing
Reven: Mentor
Matheus Manente: Video Ads (Editing)
Michaela Nachtigall: Video Ads (Filming, editing)
Sean Schafianski: Mentor
Sebastian Wolff: Executive Producer
Stephen Froeber: Mentor
Thomas Kresge: Mentor
Tim Rosko: Video Ads (Acting)
Sarah Burns: Special Thanks (Besaix Mix Streaming Party Host)

©Ⓟ 2017 Materia Community / Materia Music Inc.

Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy X are © 2001 Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.. Materia Collective LLC and its members are in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to Square Enix with respect to this album. Musical compositions are © 2001 Square Enix and are used with permission. Mechanical licensing facilitated by re:discover, Inc. d/b/a Loudr.

For complete credits and information about this release, please visit Materia Collective: www.materiacollective.com/music/spira-music-from-final-fantasy-x-besaid-mix


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