Song Cycle: The History of Video Games

by Materia Community

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Dot. (Pong) 01:19
Dot. Just a pixel. Illuminating Dreams, Igniting Imagination. Dot. On a screen. Blip Of triumph? Or defeat? Oh, Pong.
A simple yellow mariner, a traveller, a connoisseur, Always eating, every beeping high and low. A noble hero seeking the power pellet's glow. With foes on every side, With foes on every side, My foes are Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. In a labyrinth, in a fruited land A garden of eden, A garden of eden, A place to hide, A place to hide From Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde! A simple yellow mariner, a traveller, a connoisseur Always eating, we are seeking, We are Pac-man, it's Pac-man, yes Pac-('Pac-man' noise') - man, and I!
German: Was ist mein Ziel, wenn nicht burger zu machen? Ich baue diese kleinen Fleisch-Pfählen für die hungrigen Kinder. Ich laufe und stampfen zu zerstören diejenigen die mir im Weg stehen Doch wie lange muss ich tun dies für? Wird dieser Alptraum enden? Wird dieser Alptraum niemals enden? Ich sollte zumindest werden Überstunden bezahlt. English: What is my purpose if not to make burgers? I make these tiny little meat pies for the little hungry children. I will destroy those who dare to even try to hinder me, All those who try to stop me. However how long must I do this work? Oh, will this nightmare end soon? Please tell me this will end soon. Will this perpetual nightmare never end for me? If I have to put up with this I should be paid overtime!
Peach (P): I've been here for days upon days! Mario (M): There was a pizza left in the oven. P: It's begun to be such a bore! M: In my defense I ran out of mushrooms. P: There you go again! I can't believe it! M: It will take some time to reach you. Could you just sit tight? P: Oh, my gosh! M: For a while? P: Or better yet perhaps it's time I saved myself! M: Or better yet perhaps it's time you save yourself!
Nineteen eighty-four, the Soviet Academy of Sciences: A Researcher makes puzzle game to test New hardware’s effectiveness. Soon the game spreads virus On mainframes ‘cross the CCCP; Then it crosses the Iron Curtain: On Commodore, the plague is set free! Nineteen eighty-eight in Las Vegas Man sees Tetris on display— Soon he’s hooked! Yes he’s caught the bug! And he Pitches a port Nintendo’s way. The GameBoy port smashes all expectations: Bundles flying off the shelves! Thus Nintendo’s handheld empire was built On tetronimo blocks themselves! Now I just stack falling blocks eternally; I must have caught the fever too! Well, I guess what they say is true: that in Soviet Russia game plays you! Now I just stack falling blocks eternally; I must have caught the fever too! Well, I guess what they say is true: that in Soviet Russia game plays you! Now I just stack falling blocks eternally; I must have caught the fever too! Ah— Well, I guess what they say is true: that in Soviet Russia… …GAME PLAYS YOU!
If I could, I would spite this world, Just so I could hold you within my arms. So unjustly they took you from my life. Such a perfect soul, undeserving of this crime. How dare He! How dare they, Allow this, eternal agony. How wretched! What cruelty, I won’t stand for this... I will rage through this empty world. Death will be nothing, but a game that I control. And I shall care not for the lost, But only for the guilty to die with bloody tears.
Final Fantasy 1988 Who knew that this would be A very important date? First time you meet a Choco- A Chocobo Riding over fields and mountains and through the snow While you are riding While you're riding on They're bound to help you Get to where you need They're bound to help you out To help you Here over to Here to -here Over yonder there~ A good Chocobo can carry you anywhere, -nywhere, -nywhere, -where, -where Yellow-feathered, tall and lean Catch 'em with some Gysahl Greens now you have found a new means To see all that can be seen, be seen This bird's a part of gaming history Some even fly the skies and travel on the sea, the sea And so with their help we can do anything We all love Chocobo, -cobo, -cobo And I think that Chocobo agrees! Kweh
There once was a pirate named Guybrush who wanted to plunder the seas He dreamed of a life that was so very lush but Captain LeChuck disagreed! One by one, Guybrush practiced puns Two by two, oh, how the insults flew! And what, you might ask, is the moral? This story seems silly at best I implore you, my child, do not quarrel with me Or LeChuck might come after you next! Hey, nonny, nonny, hey! Hey, nonny, nonny, hey! Hey, nonny, nonny, hey! Guybrush… nonny, nonny, nonny… might save the day!
Be prepared to face me, I will not hold back Prove yourself Give all you have without regret You may find what you're looking for Your journey has just begun, Do your best! Withstand my dragon punches This is no time to rest. Nor is it time to jest. You may find what you're looking for if you... Get up and fight me again. I see you have some fight left in you! Come and face me again, Don't falter, Find the strength to carry on! You must not be afraid Get yourself into the fray There is no other way Make no mistake There is no easy path for you to take Because the truth lies in the heart of battle! Understand you have a long way to go Power alone is not enough. Fill your fists with passion and refined aggression. You will find what you're looking for. Listen well to the words I pass along to you. Do not fight for victory, Fight only to improve yourself. And victory will come. You must not be afraid Get yourself into the fray There is no other way Make no mistake There is no easy path for you to take Because the truth lies in the heart of battle! In the heart of battle! Oh!
Who am I? I am no one of consequence. I hath run away from my mistakes. Who am I? I am thee who froze with fear. One who stood by and watched my dear friend die. When shall I overcome my guilt? The sorrow I bear doth overwhelm me. Who am I? I am not thy chosen one. I am not the one to bear that burden. Who am I? Transfigured into what I am. I'm resigned to live my life here all alone. But whom should arrive, and bring me the Masamune? Some strangers that come from far beyond my time. And from the corners of my soul a voice of change is rising in me. Maybe now, now is the time? Who am I? The master of the Masamune? I am Glenn! And it is Cyrus I'll avenge!
Scalpel... Making first incision. Excising malignant tumor. Closing up incision. Careful... Here's your damned Rattata! Please wait one moment... Welcome to our Pokémon center. *yawn* Please let me have your name, your age, your date of birth. What is your trainer number? Registration? How many Pokémon are you admitting tonight? I need you to calm down! We need your information. We cannot proceed until we have you in our system. Now, I need your insurance. don't have Pokémon insurance? serious is it? What?? It's wings are broken? Please turn around sir! Do you want this Pokémon admitted here tonight? What is this Pokémon anyway? Zapdos? I'm sorry...AA-j? What kind of stupid name is that? Sir, sir, SIR, SIR! Please listen to me when I'm talking. Stop running 'round the foyer. I don't want your stupid fossils. Don't touch that PC!! Hey now, can't we all be friends? Please don't throw AA-j away. No one has to die today. We'll overlook your insurance needs. Chancey, prep the OR. Scalpel... Making first incision. Vitals are dropping quickly. Don't you die on me! Here's your Pokémon!
Love beyond life, my sweet, Love beyond life, my sweet, I give you love that lasts through this life and the next, Love from beyond the grave, Love from an autosave, Passion that seeps from every tombstone's chiseled text! In every path you chose, that's how the ending goes, I cannot wait to lay my flowers by your bed, Love beyond life has charms, Caught in the reapers arms, And he'll be there until the day that you are wed Not even death can stop my song for the one I adore, You've had the love of your life, but now there's so much more! So if you care, my sweet, To take my dare, my sweet, Just pay your fare, and soon you'll be swooning toward a dreamless sleep. Let's have a holiday, We'll dance the macabre, Come to my arms and find the sweet embrace of me!
My voice, can you hear it? This sign, can you read it? We share an instant of private darkness The moment our hands overlap I'll wait here forever if you Just come to me I whispered your name But the night wind took it away His touch - cold as marble Trembling, without moving Through the mist of fading consciousness I thought I heard a phone ringing I'll wait here forever if you Just come to me I whispered your name But the night wind took it away You've been chosen No turning back You've been chosen No turning back No turning back!
Master Chief: Evening sings a lonely sorrow Far away from all I know. Ever present is she, My heart's companion aglow. No emotion stirs within me, Not a flutter in my chest. On her light I rely To guide me to life or death. Cortana: Brave as the headlong wind Journeying through the skies to battle Strong as a river forging ahead Crossing the blackness vast and impassable Let me be the voice that leads you. Both: Freedom will remain a daydream 'Til the task at hand is done 'Til the war is over The battle truly won. Cortana: I am but a sprite among giants, Flitting this way and that To discover the pathway which he alone must tread. Both: What can one man do, facing such malice? Cortana: Would that I could bear the load instead. Master Chief: I will bear the load instead. I see her suffering, as a flickering light she fades Like a helpless tree split by a lightning flame. I may die in this gath'ring fire. Cortana (at the same time): Sparks fly rampant around me. Together: Shall I tempt fate's indifferent hand? Will we end as we began? Cortana: Now that fleeting hope eludes me, My beloved I shall spare. I will forfeit my claim, My place beside him there.
What a thrill... With darkness and silence through the night What a thrill... I'm searching and I'll melt into you What a fear in my heart But you're so supreme! I'd give my life Not for honour, but for you! [Snake Eater] In my time there'll be no one else Crime, it's the way I fly to you! [Snake Eater] I'm still in a dream, Snake Eater! Someday you go through the rain And someday, you feed on a tree frog This ordeal, the trial to survive For the day we see new light! I'd give my life Not for honour, but for you! [Snake Eater] In my time there'll be no one else Crime, it's the way I fly to you! [Snake Eater] I'm still in a dream, Snake Eater! I am still in a dream, Snake Eater! Snake Eater
God, it’s getting late, when did I start to raid? I should sleep! My god I think it’s getting light out, what time was it when I started raiding? I should sleep! How long have I been playing? How long have I been playing? How long have I been playing? How long...
Fly little moth fly far from my star light I illuminated you, but now I rot Don’t they recognize me Mask, mask, mask and ears I want to remove I want to remove It’s my curse, my eternal curse... I hop, hop, when I hop! I can never get off the ground I want to take the ears off, (spoken) I want to take the ears off! Fly, fly little moth fly from my star light When you needed me I illuminated you. But now I rot, waiting for an audience. (spoken) Mask, mask… Mask and ears, Watching me, Hope I hop! But I can never get off the ground! Mask, mask, mask and ears! Watching me as I hop, Hoppity hop, As I rot! Waiting for an audience! I want to take the ears off; Please let me take the ears off? Fly, little moth! Fly! Come back, (spoken) please come back Off you go, I turn my tail I can never get off the ground
Who would have thought This predicament would ever be brought Upon a man like me? When I bought this property I thought “what a deal on this plot Of vast land!” I should have… I should have seen! Now as I gaze on my land my yard I squint through the haze And I meet the neighbors…. GAH!!!! Screaming, I went to find the mall. A hardware store There surely had to be Something to counteract them? Zombie tactics? Repellents of some design.. By smarter men like me? Oh thank god, There’s a section Under the big green ‘Z’! Plants? Plants are our hope? These plants are mutant soldiers I buy out the store All its tricks I …. See… them… coming Run… back home… to start mowing… Walnuts, Spitters, Corn and some Kind of Sunflower, Ponds and Pond Lilies And Purple ones with big large teeth! And I'll keep growing, I’ll keep on Though in hindsight I should have looked Not in this town for my new home, This town with “Population Z”!
Mourning Dove: aa-oo-hoo Cardinal: doo-wip Crow: caw Rooster: cock-a-doo Eastern Towhee: trreee All: *gasp* (an egg has been stolen) All: caw-ba ca Ca CA!
Man rules now where They ruled once; They shall soon rule where man rules now. They wait patient, they wait potent, for here shall They reign again. How could we lose ourselves? Swallowed by promise of power... Sons are lost, Kings have broken, and we paid for their crimes in blood. Tristram was our home, until greed consumed our lord, and his madness opened Hell unto the Earth. For it is of old rumour that the soul of the devil-bought hastes not from his charnel clay, but fats and instructs the very worm that gnaws; till out of corruption horrid life springs, and the dull scavengers of earth wax crafty to vex it and swell monstrous to plague it. Great holes secretly are digged where earth‘s pores ought to suffice, and things have learnt to walk that ought to crawl. Alas one day, the prince had gone, led astray by the darkness that his father had succumbed to. In a fit of rage, the king condemned his very people, but then the prince returned, in body, not in soul. Terror cracked the Earth in two, beckoned horrors from below, So we fought and fled yet all were butchered. Betrayed by who we trust, for dead and destroyed secrets. Our flesh still burns, our blood still pours, years have passed yet we forget. That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons, even death may die.
i eh yu i no bo me no re mi ri yo ju yo go ha sa te ka na eh ku ta ma eh イエユイ ノボメノ レーミリ ヨジュヨーゴ ハサテカナエ クタマーエ
Wandering far and wide I have discovered a path to call my own heart. I must follow onward through until the end. Will I choose a path of goodness? Will I choose the darkness? To whom shall I align myself in this strife? Wandering far and wide I have discovered a path to call my own heart. I must follow onward through until the end. The brotherhood of darkness, they beckoned me with power. The blood I spill at their feet, grows deeper. Like a river, it drips between my fingers. This have I done to satisfy my lust for power. I have seen evils so profound I can't sleep Wandering far and wide I have discovered a path I called my stone heart is a wretched thing that I am chained to in the end. I have walked the path of evil. I embraced the darkness!
Morning light illuminates the path; my eyes drink in the quiet splendor. Though I feel no calming rays, I am immersed in tranquility. When the wind rushes toward my face, I flinch as if struck by its hand. Yet never have I set a foot in that place of serenity. But cannot life be truly told within the stories I behold? What is their cause, if not my heart to grow? The world bears the darkness of souls and the lightness of being. Yet why should I fear that which holds such beauty? The sphere of my existence widens each day in awe, Deepened by views of worlds that never were, yet ever, ever are.
Small, Round, Come, Home Small and round On my head Just look at me I’m suddenly an important guy. Now I stand Gazing down Holding my head up high! No, no longer to be Stuck in plain old 2D! Now I spin around and round And looking back Beneath my tiny hat One day I’ll come back... ....Home
You observe the cool, confident, well-dressed skeleton standing before you. "Wowie!" you think. "It must be that popular head of the royal guard! How I long to befriend such a great and important person." Note: Not yet a member of the Royal Guard. The Great Papyrus has just one goal; that is to capture a human for the Underground's king. The problem is because of their souls being so powerful, catching one's a difficult thing. I have persisted long for this moment with my puzzles and gates recalibrated, intact. And I have cooked a bowl of spaghetti that I'll feed the human as a way to distract. For once I win, then I, Papyrus, will have fame and many more friends than can be said. They will be celebrating my greatness with paintings and songs and a hedgebush of my head. Oh yes, I will have countless admirers, but do they sincerely like me, or is it all just pretends? And could I feel at ease with myself when the human has to leave if we become friends?
I passed the day at the mourning tree where the river's sorrows run deep. And all at once a host of birds did settle and nest around me. In their song I heard your song; I heard the bomber's drone. Beneath those birds and the swaying wheat, I heard you coming home. Oh my love, where did you fly? After you came home to me? Like the night jar you left me here to nest in the mourning tree. Oh my love, where did you fly? Flew away with my heart. All my birds have flown away, died, or disappeared this day. Like the daylight, darkness has overwhelmed me. Haunting silence tells me that I am alone. I've passed my days by the mourning tree where all I loved suffered and died. Then all at once I heard you call. You finally came back for me! Now I will take thy hand to be your bride and then leave thine life behind.


SONG CYCLE: The History of Video Games takes you on a musical journey through iconic moments in video game history!

Each track comes from a well-loved video game, including PONG, Tetris, Super Mario Bros., World of Warcraft, BioShock, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Angry Birds, UNDERTALE, and Grim Fandango, among others. Members of the Materia Collective have collaborated to write original lyrics and arrange the source material for live performance by a solo vocalist and piano accompaniment.

Beyond its value as a standalone album, SONG CYCLE is intended to add to the performance repertoire for classically trained singers, especially those studying in conservatories. A second "karaoke" version of the album features the instrumental music without vocals, so that singers can perform the music themselves.

Four tracks are also available as professionally engraved sheet music, with more to follow. Both albums and all sheet music available for purchase are fully licensed.

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released November 4, 2016

"Song Cycle: The History of Video Games" was made possible by the following individuals:

Elizabeth Zharoff: Album Producer, Creative Director
Materia Community: Album Artist
SonikBuster: Marketing
Chris Vaughn: Piano programming, Assistant Producer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer
Emily McMillan: Marketing
John Robert Matz: Assistant Producer
Lauren the Flute: Assistant Producer
Sebastian Wolff: Executive Producer
Stephanie Sybydlo: Album Art, Design
Thomas Kresge: Sheet music engraving

©Ⓟ 2016 Materia Community / Materia Music Inc.

"Dot. Pong" is © 2016 Materia Collective LLC obo John Robert Matz. "Geymdizaynery" is © 2016 Materia Collective LLC obo Jonathan Balcewicz. "Love Beyond Life" is © 2016 Materia Collective LLC obo Evan Witt. "Bonetrousle" is © 2016 Materia Collective LLC obo Royal Sciences LLC. All masters © their respective producers. Mechanical licensing provided by Loudr. All rights reserved. All trademarks their respective owners.

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