MENU: An Homage to Game Title Themes

by Materia Community

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Don't worry, do your best Picnic kibun, feel so good Suteki na afternoon Furachi na midnight, yeah Katamete korogasu I love you, oh, I'll always smile for you You're my one and only Love Moon, hey, so you've got to do your best Compression, compression Osoroi no t-shirts-u Teami no muffler nado Heart-warming mejiro oshi Hitare etsu! Say goodbye! Keep it rolling forward, we'll clump together--give it all you got On a day like this we can dance and sing, but remember who's in charge: It's my way, it's my way Peace na kibun, yoi shirete Kagayaki heaven akogarete Sutekisa sono atama Mou omatsuri sawagisa As we dance and clump and roll it's like a big, hot band blowing its load of color all over us If you're asking why I do this, I just want to party, rolling on through the day Katamatte katamatte
The distant future The year 2000 That’s when Dr. Light Created a super robot named Mega Man He Built him to stop Dr. Wily who’s really a Jerk And Wily lost, so then in return He built 8 robots of his own Who also were jerks, to fight Mega Man Mega Man my wrist Cyberspace my home Star Wars with these rappers Attack of the Clones I make Matrix numbers Yung Keanu Reeves Give it to the Village Hidden in the thieves I got 10 gigabytes up in my digivice hit my line for the connect You cannot have it all without the Dragon Balls, don't think you got my respect Kingdom Hearts but I don't mess with Donald and his goofies can all go to heck I'm stacking money like Snorlax's tummy ‘cause Blastoise water on my neck Yikes Haters can go take a hike I be at home watching Psych Listening when the clock strike Just know that you outta time You should just sell all your rhymes GameStop might give you a dime That's why you sour like lime I make that ratchet go "clank!" 500 thou in the bank I got a Death Note with a blank Just waiting to write in your name Steven Walker with the solo I'm too cold I'm Frozone All bad guys and bozos get sent to the ghost zone
Make my wish come true, let darkness slip aside Hiding all our hope, mocking what we treasure Battles we can win, if we believe our souls Hang in through the dark night Hang in for the light... till dawn Cause Fate will not leave you, hate will not heal you Promise to me, peace shall flow everywhere Make my wish come true, let darkness fade to light Show me it’s not over, show me there’s still hope Make my wish come true, let darkness fade to light Show me there's still hope, show me it's not over Battles we can win, our struggle lies within Will we live to meet them? Will we live to greet... the dawn?
Doki Doki Just Monika
Tell to me the secrets of immortality. I know the way, play with your love. Open up, life's living, overflowing. Darkness holds reality. Names don't matter. What's important is how you live your life. The moment pride is lost, freedom is also lost. If only you had lived an honest life, you wouldn't have died in obscurity. There's no justice in using and deceiving people.
Quartet: Well, Cuphead and his pal, Mugman, they liked to roll the dice. By chance, they came upon the Devil's game, and gosh, they paid the price. (Paid the price!) And now they're fighting for their lives on a mission fraught with dread. And if they proceed but don't succeed, well, the Devil will take their heads. Narration: "Well, once upon a time, in a magical place called Inkwell Isle, there were two brothers named Cuphead and Mugman. One day, the boys wandered far from home, where they ended up on the wrong side of the tracks, and entered the Devil's Casino. Inside, Cuphead and Mugman soon found themselves on quite the winning streak when they gambled at the craps table. Noticing this massive run, the Devil challenged the boys to win one final round or lose their souls. Well, of course, the brothers' luck ran out at the worst possible moment. But when they pleaded for their lives, the Devil smiled and offered the boys a deal. He said, ""Bring me the soul contracts of all my other runaway debtors by midnight tomorrow."" Do my difficult dirty work, and I *might* just pardon you two mugs."
These busy streets Filled with the same old folks I Don’t care to meet Until one day, you suddenly appeared That patient smile Those watchful eyes, feels like you’ve Been here a while I hope perhaps you’ll want to stay a while more It’s kind of sweet The way you take yourself so Seriously Behind that stoic gaze, I know there’s hope That maybe we Will run away together Don’t you worry Just take my hand, and we will dance the night away If I just close my eyes Will you still be on my mind? When you’re with me, it becomes clear My world brightens up when you are here [When I’m held in your embrace, I realize I’m safe with you, there’s nothing I can’t face] I hope you’ll be here by my side When I open up my eyes [You know I couldn’t live without you here with me] So what if I Gave into all temptation Those hungry eyes, they’re begging Me to leave it all behind And go with you You’re always asking me, oh What if I do Just take your hand, the rain will wash it all away If I just close my eyes. Will you still be on my mind? When you’re with me, it becomes clear My world brightens up when you are here [As I wipe away those tears, I realize You just wanted to help me face my fears] I hope you’ll be here by my side When I open up my eyes [You know I’m gonna always hold you close to me] Standing here, I can’t make up my mind on time It’s as I feared, you’re finally making me decide How I feel, it’s all become so real… I just know I need you in my life! Bum ba da dum, bum ba da dum Ba da ba da da da dum, ba da dum [Just close your eyes and count to three] Ahhhh When you’re with me, it becomes clear My world brightens up when you are here [As you pull me through these streets, I realize I’ve finally found someone who needs me] I hope you’ll be here by my side When I open up my eyes [Oh no, I never thought you’d lie here next to me] When you’re with me, it becomes clear My world brightens up when you are here [When I look into your eyes, I realize My face is doing something I can’t hide] I hope you’ll be here by my side When I open up my eyes [You know I’ll keep what matters most to you and me]
We're going to tell the story of the star spirits, Way above the clouds they rest. They rest with the fabled treasure known as the star rod, With it any wishes can be made With this great wand the seven star spirits watched our world Carefully until one day. King bowser stole the star rod for himself Whatever shall we do? He then kidnapped the seven star spirits and gave them To his loyal henchmen They spread to hide in their own Lairs all across the mushroom kingdom Keeping them captive Now with King Bowser having the star rod to himself The star kids can't make wishes come true Whatever can they do about this predicament Oo (Doo's) With our story taking a dark turn He's the only man we can trust Paper Mario Paper Mario Paper Mari Mari-o (Bum's in bass) Paper Mario
Take a breath now. Take another. Just like the beginning when you left your mother: Fresh air filling your lungs, unintelligible, speaking in tongues. Like Mother Nature's other daughters & sons, We all start somewhere - gotta take our first step into a world so vast, so wide for which we ain't prepped. Time's a-wasting so give it your all; won't be long before now until night falls. Go on, take a look at that pretty horizon; nothing but opportunity where the trees meet the skies and you're left there wondering how to spend your time - either keep it simple stupid or level up and grind. It's your life . . . your dreams, your future; even though along the way you might need a few sutures. That's the way of the game - either let it pass by or follow your heart to live before you die. Credits rolling - think your journey is over? Nah fam, you just stumbled on a treasure trove. Understand things ain't what you think they be - they ain't what you hear, they ain't what you see. Time to get acclimated to this new level; grab a chair 'cause there be so much to know and to revel. Nab this new opportunity to figure yourself out. This path in life you takin'? Well, it's time for a new route. You're not alone (you're not alone, not alone) You were always known (you were always known, always known) You are loved (yeah you are loved, so much loved) Give yourself a shove (c'mon dive into this world, this dream this life - fly like a dove) Player, your heart's a dynamo. You are stronger than you know. It's time to leave your mark. Be the light among the dark. Time to write your story of faith and hope and life and love - of failure and of glory. To make this world what you want, gotta give it a little shakeup. Only dreaming will never get you there, so come on player - WAKE UP!
Myst Theme 01:45
Limbo 04:04
Deus dormit et liberi ignem faciunt numquam extinguunt n'expergisci possit. Omnia dividit tragoedia coram amandum quae. Et nocte perpetua in desperatione auroram videre potest mane tempus expergiscendi.
Anima pur imanis. Sancta limen verba. Scriptum nobis hora Fato quis fortem apareat. Nos dearum ferma Vit duis te terram verbum Scriptum nostro. Ah, oo, ah, etc. Anima pur imanis. Sancta limen verba. Scriptum nobis hora Fato quis fortem apareat. Nos dearum ferma Vit duis te terram verbum Scriptum nostro. Ah, etc.


Menu and start music themes set the tone for the beginnings of most games. They are not unlike appetizers or amuse bouches: a taste for what’s to come. For many people, these opening themes, along with their respective title cards, trigger a greater sense of nostalgia, in much the same way that smells activate older memories. All of these themes are composed and designed with a sense of beginning, acting as gateways towards something bigger. This album would be a celebration of, not only the memories these games hold, but also their function from a design perspective.

Specifically, we want to encapsulate the feeling when you first played a game, be it playing a video game for the very first time or picking up any game for the first time ever, and falling in love with it. Every video game fan had to start their appreciation somewhere, and that feeling is what binds our community together. By drawing from Materia Collective’s community of musical members during this album’s production, we hope to show not only how video games connect and inspire us all, but also pay homage to video games as a medium. We’re proud to present this album as a compilation of a remarkable set of remixes and unique covers of opening theme music from video games.

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released January 18, 2019

"MENU: An Homage to Game Title Themes" was made possible by the following individuals:

Materia Community: Album Artist
Ben Wallace: Album Producer
Monica Wang: Album Producer
Ben Wallace: Album Producer
Andreas Fredriksson: Album Art
Fredrik Häthén: Mentor, Special Thanks
James C. Hoffman: Special Thanks
Jayson Napolitano: Marketing
Lauren the Flute: Marketing
Mason Lieberman: Mentor
Michael Schiciano: Mastering Engineer (SELECT disc)
Nikolyst: Mentor
Sebastian Wolff: Executive Producer
Stephen Froeber: Mastering Engineer (START disc)
Taylor Ambrosio Wood: Mentor
Tommy Rosati: Mentor

©Ⓟ 2019 Materia Community / Materia Music Inc.

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