EIDOLON: Music From Final Fantasy IX

by Materia Community

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Rag Jesters 02:08
Terra 04:23
Run?? 04:23
Battle 1 02:51
F F I X, F F I X, F F I X, F F I X (We'll Fly) Gona fly, fly, fly on high! Our Chocobos will reach the sky! Chocobos are so freaking cool, it's true. They're here to provide for you, a ride to the great big blue. Chocobos swim and climb through mountains high, and if you're a lucky guy, they'll take you up to the sky! There is a hope that they can save the day, and when they find their way, we're sure to leap super high and say, "Chocobos rule" and now we'll save Gaia, From a super evil man, who sure likes to speak in metaphors. F F I X, F F I X, F F I X, F F I X (We'll Fly) Gonna fly, fly, fly on high! Our Chocobos will reach the sky! Chocobos come in many colored hues. Can you find the one that's blue? Or maybe the gold one, too? Ride in the day or in the nighttime moon. Your chocobo's here for you, so hop on and sing the tune! We like to hunt for treasure in the ground, and we will ride away, to fight the evil away from town! We cannot thing of more to sing right now, so let's sing about the word; the word of the greatest bird we love! Chocobos will fly! Oh, yeah! (Chocobos will save the day!)
ANNOUNCER: The Festival of the Hunt is about to commence! Hunters, please hurry to your starting positions! ZIDANE: Good luck, you two! Though, we all know I’m gonna win. FREYA: As if. You’ll be lucky to knock off a few Trick Sparrows. ZIDANE: Ouch, Freya. I thought we were friends. FREYA: Some friend! You signed up Vivi without his permission! VIVI: Is it too late to back out? [Music starts] ZIDANE: Don’t worry, you’ll be fine! VIVI: But… ZIDANE: Gotta go! VIVI: W, wait! ANNOUNCER: On your marks… get set… go! ZIDANE: THIS IS MY CHANCE, NOW THE HUNT HAS BEGUN THE PRIZE WILL BE MINE WHEN IT’S ALL SAID AND DONE A DATE, ME AND DAGGER, A NIGHT OF ROMANCE NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM WINNING; THIS IS MY CHANCE! This is kid’s stuff! I must be beating everyone else easily. ANNOUNCER: Freya has taken an early lead! ZIDANE: Aw crap! ANNOUNCER: She’s cleaning house over in the industrial district! FREYA: Fratley… where are you? DAMN ALL THE RUMORS THAT YOU’RE NOT ALIVE I KNOW YOU’D BE HERE, I KNOW YOU’D SURVIVE ALL I HAVE LEFT NOW IS HOPE AND A LANCE IS THIS THE DAY THAT I FIND YOU? IS THIS MY CHANCE? ANNOUNCER: And now Vivi, over in the business district, has pulled in front! Which is surprising, since he seems to be… running away from everything? VIVI: Gaaaah! Why are there so many monsters?! OH REALLY NEED A BETTER STRATEGY THAN “RUN AND HIDE” OH I REALLY NEED TO FIND A WAY TO PUT MY FEAR ASIDE MAYBE I SHOULD TRY FIRE MAYBE I SHOULD TRY LIGHTNING MAYBE I SHOULD TRY ICE OR I DON’T KNOW, THIS IS FRIGHTENING SHOULDN’T EVEN BE HERE, I SHOULDN’T EVEN BE FIGHTING WHO’S THE ONE WHO CONTROLS ME? WHO DOES ALL THE DECIDING? OH REALLY NEED A STRATEGY TO FIND MY BRAVER SIDE THIS COULD BE MY CHANCE COME ON, VIVI, MAYBE TIME TO TAKE A CHANCE ANNOUNCER: Time is starting to run out and the scores are close! Zidane has cleaned out the theater district and is making his way to the business district! ZIDANE, FREYA, & VIVI: THIS IS MY CHANCE... VIVI: ...TO FIND MY COURAGE... ZIDANE: ...TO WOO HER... FREYA: ...TO FIND HIM… ZIDANE, FREYA, & VIVI: ...THIS IS MY CHANCE! ANNOUNCER: Uh oh, looks like the Zaghnol is loose in the square! ZIDANE: Hey ugly! Fight me! FREYA: Mind if I cut in? ZIDANE: Freya? I SAW IT FIRST. FREYA: YOU DON’T GET POINTS FOR “SEEING.” ZIDANE: GEEZ, YOU’RE THE WORST. FREYA: MAYBE YOU SHOULD BE FLEEING. ZIDANE: YOU WON’T BE LAUGHING WHEN I’M IN A TRANCE. FREYA: WELL I GUESS YOU CAN HELP ME. ZIDANE: HELP YOU? HA! THIS IS MY CHANCE. ANNOUNCER: Zidane and Freya have teamed up to fight the bloodthirsty Zaghnol! Even with their combined strength, it seems like it might be more than they can handle. Wait! Here comes Vivi running in to help! ZIDANE: Vivi? Stay back buddy, we got this! VIVI: PLEASE LET ME HELP. ZIDANE: BUT THIS THING’S GONNA HURT YOU. VIVI: BUT YOU’D DO THE SAME. ZIDANE: YEAH, THAT’S KINDA MY VIRTUE. VIVI: IT’S TIME FOR MY MAGIC. FREYA: IT’S TIME TO ADVANCE. ZIDANE: IT’S TIME FOR A THRILLING FINALE! ZIDANE, FREYA, & VIVI: THIS IS MY CHANCE! ANNOUNCER: Incredible! Zidane, Vivi, and Freya are all tied with seconds left! Whoever lands the killing blow on the Zaghnol will win the Festival of the Hunt! ZIDANE, FREYA, & VIVI: NOW IS MY CHANCE! VIVI: I’LL FIND MY COURAGE! ZIDANE: I’LL WOO HER! FREYA: I’LL FIND HIM! ZIDANE, FREYA, & VIVI: THIS IS MY CHANCE! [They all clash with the ZAGHNOL at once.] ANNOUNCER: A final blow! The Zaghnol has fallen! Time is up! It’s over! The winner of the Festival of the Hunt is...
Memories crumble around me (Memorai lerami, yahi) Everything changes around me (Evorai sharani, nahi) Found you but only to lose you (Fayu bala luyo, yuwo) I found you but only to lose you (Fayu bala yalo, aya) Searching the world for lost love (Selowa yaha, laa) Left without you Memories crumbled around me (I searched through the highest of mountains) Nothing familiar around me (I searched through the deepest of valleys) For days I was lost without reason (All I found was traces of footsteps) I roamed with the changing of seasons (All I heard was rumours of victories) Searching the world for my past (Dragon's Oath has bound us) I have found you
Tour Guide: Ah! First time in town? Well, on behalf of Treno's Information and Tourism Commitee I'd just like to say... Welcome friends to Treno The town that never sleeps Every business here is run by Lunatics and creeps Tourist: What!? Tour Guide: The world's gone crazy But we remain upbeat So, relax And have yourself a seat Tourist: Wait, what was that about lunatics? Tour Guide: Only here in Treno We've monsters on display Try your luck and win a buck Or else be frica-say Tourist: I think you mean fricassee Tour Guide: Yes, here in Treno There's no time for delay So let's get your adventure Underway Tourist: Oh boy... Tour Guide: We've card tournaments And all kinds of events Though everything here Will cost at least a couple cents It all depends If you have got money to spend! A place like Treno can be your friend So, what do you think of our lovely city so far? Isn't it just everything you've ever dreamed of? Tourist: Ehh... I don't know if I'm convinced just yet. Tour Guide: Well, that's because you haven't experienced the true wealth this city has to offer. Lean in and I'll tell you the real way to succeed in this town. There are many things That you'll need to know If you want to make it in Treno Tourist: Like what?... It rich or poor in Treno There is no middle class but if you know the things that we know Your fortune will last Buy some wares at auction, And sell to wealthy patrons at much higher profit margins and in no time you'll be rich And so I say welcome to our town! Where every smile is a turned-up frown. Won't you come inside? I think you'll enjoy the... ride, if you give it a try You'll be renowned! So, won't you join in the show? You know you've never seen a place like Treno It's a wonderous sight I hope you enjoy your night But for now my friend I have to go! Tourist: Huh... That was sudden. ...Hey! That guy just stole my wallet! END
Gargan Roo 03:39
Eternal Duel 02:20
ALEXANDRIAN SOLDIER: The queen awaits Your triumphant return She seeks to praise Our successful champion BEATRIX: I'll go to her shortly. ALEXANDRIAN SOLDIER: Your legacy is Without question now The Knights of Pluto Now live in your shadow. BEATRIX: That is quite enough. ALEXANDRIAN SOLDIER: Forgive me, General! BRAHN: The Eidolons sleep deep in her heart The harvest is nigh and I am the harvester Garnet will cease to be any use to me I'll see That she meets her end dramatically BEATRIX: What are these words I hear? They're cold, cruel, and crystal clear How then could I ever hear these things that do torment my soul BRAHNE: Take the princess Go at once Imprison her and Frame her for treason And Carry her deep into the dungeon There keep her under lock and key BEATRIX and STEINER: How could you be, your majesty? Someone that I was sworn to loyalty Now that I see with unclouded eyes I will be your greatest enemy BEATRIX: Then from the highest height I'll strike down with all my might Climhazzard, Thunder, SHOCK BEATRIX and STEINER: It's game over for you tonight BRAHNE: Zorn! Thorn! See to their demise! ZORN and THORN: Yes, Your Majesty!
Stir Fry 03:46
Moogle Theme 04:18
I live alone, and I just met you And yet I get you like no one will Your ruffled shirt, your giant forehead Your weird detached cuffs, your twitching tail What is in that letter that you’re writing? Do you hear the siren song of love? Is there anything that’s more exciting? Do you want some help with rhymes and stuff? You’re just a nerd, and you can’t help me (And yet I’ve loved— or at least read of love— before) But this is different! Zidane is special (If “special“ means “alive” then, sure, he’s that and more) Fine. Then can you help me write this letter? (I am very educated, surely this is child’s play) I don’t really know what I am doing (I’ll go break out my thesaurus, we’ll be done before the chorus, I say You don’t seem the type to let that stop you, am I right?) What is more romantic than the night sky? (What about the moon and how it’s hanging like a jewel in there?) How can I express the way I feel? (This imparts some satisfaction; we still need a call to action; how about at nine o’clock you have him meet you by the dock?) Dr Tot! I didn’t know you knew how to play saxophone!… wow, he’s pretty good, actually… maybe you’re not such a nerd after all! “When the night sky wears the moon as its pendant, I shall await you down at the dock” (Hey! That’s pretty good!) And then I’ll (you’ll) tell him… the way I (you) feel.
Mount Gulug 02:46
Terra 04:33
Brave souls journey on Through a vortex where dimensions are forlorn Forging a new path In a world still unknown Beneath shimmering stone Lies the secret of the place where you belong What you are shall be revealed Under the light of the blue moon The glowing threads of fate will lead you to bitter truths The weight of your name is a choice that falls upon you Rejoin the cycle and remember why you exist Restore this world in crimson skies and fulfill your quest Enemy or friend? In your power hides a threat to selfish plans Their flow disrupted by the streaming blood of senseless war The glowing threads of fate will lead you to bitter truths The weight of your name is a choice that falls upon you Rejoin the cycle and remember why you exist Restore this world in crimson skies and fulfill your quest Rejoin the cycle Remember why Restore this world In crimson skies In crimson skies Fate will lead you to bitter truths The choice falls upon you Remember why you exist Restore this world in crimson skies
Free to roam, free to fly, Through the fields, through the sky, Soar through the mist now, With heart of crystal. Safety's near, shelter's here, Leave me be, I'll be here, When the time comes I will find you. Escape your fate, escape your doom, There is more than just sorrow through the door of this room, Knock down any obstacle, push through the path, So that once again you may find the light of peace. Hold on (I'll be there) Don't give up (Don't lose hope) Let the light guide you through dark times that cloud us, I will not let the mist create a dark abyss Around us, surrounding us is light.
Once upon a time With a big ol' frown Shining in the sun ~ The Capt'n of the Pluto's had arrived, Sword in hand he said; --- sweaty head and all "Fall in line, you sleuths!" --- what a friendly man Men Assembled: Noooone! Scrambled, scatter'd, missin', dissin', yup! (Improv) Clonking steps, Ooooooh, run quick! Means he's close... DASH! Run, run-run,run-run, run-run Away. from. him nununununununununun *Intelligible lyrics no one is actually sure of, but a few keywords like "stomp around" Oglop's are our friends --- squishy little saints Scares the man away --- how useful Smells a bit, but hey --- they oil our armors for us And they keep the bloody thieves away, yay! The mightiest of Jaws --- Square but oh so soft Handsome like a Flan --- Or a Gargoyle Beatrix is weird --- what does she see in Capt'n? Maybe she's delusional, like him? *Everyone agrees in some forms or another that Steiner is indeed very delusional* Uuuuh, We. should. stop. --- Why so? He stands right there! --- DASH! One awkwardly oblivious knight does not notice the escaping group and continues on the "Run, run-run,run-run, run-run. Away. from. him...... Oh, uhm, Hi Captain?"
Not Alone 04:16


We thought the next Final Fantasy cover album from Materia Collective was long overdue, and we both have a big love for the Final Fantasy IX soundtrack. As the game focuses so much on character development and connections, we wanted to celebrate those ideas with a theme of collaboration. Each track on EIDOLON is the work of multiple Materia Collective artists working together to develop their interpretations of the classic music of Final Fantasy IX.

Also available on: materia.to/eidolonBC
UPC 00811576032360


released July 30, 2019

"EIDOLON: Music From Final Fantasy IX" was made possible by the following individuals:

Materia Community: Album Artist
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer
David René Christensen: Album Art
Emily McMillan: Producer
James C. Hoffman: Mastering Engineer
Joe Chen: Producer
Lauren Liebowitz: Marketing
Sebastian Wolff: Executive Producer

©Ⓟ 2019 Materia Community / Materia Music Inc.

Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy IX are © 2000 Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.. Materia Collective LLC and its members are in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsedby, or in any way officially connected to Square Enix with respect to this album. Musical compositions are © 2000 Square Enix and are used with permission.

For complete credits and information about this release, please visit Materia Collective: www.materiacollective.com/music/eidolon-music-from-final-fantasy-ix


all rights reserved



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